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For years when writing for SEO we’ve written pages to be between 350-500 words, but according to a study by Search Metrics those days are over.

In fact, from their research it looks like longer pages – between 800-1000 words – perform better in Google search results. This is a pretty big deal when it comes to content development. Not only is it twice the work to write longer posts and articles, but it will increase the content development costs significantly or the time it takes to write content in house.

What You Should Do

Use Google Analytics and examine the keyword drivers for your primary optimized pages. Make sure they are ranking and driving targeted traffic. Keep a list of these pages and keep an eye on them for the next 3-6 months. If they maintain their position in search engines – do nothing. But if you see a dip in your rankings I would recommend expanding your content. Add customer reviews, FAQs, product specifications or other additional content to your pages to beef them up. But remember, it needs to be real content, no spam or copy / pasted from page to page.

Today when it comes to SEO, longer is better. Get used to it.