Beautiful websites, built by Atlanta web design company, Bright Tribe.

We build websites that generate results. At the end of the day, your website should be a business and marketing asset for your business. We build websites that help you make more money, shorten the sales cycle, increase your brand awareness and engagement and present your corporate brand in a visually compelling way.

Bright Tribe makes a science of understanding the perspective of your next customer, and translating your message into branding signals that attract and convert them. The web design experts at Bright Tribe know how to move the needle when it comes to customer acquisition. We examine your business and marketing goals, do a deep dive into the competitive landscape, develop a strong visual identity and verbal message that connects with your audience, and build websites that position our clients as industry leaders in their market.

Smart Atlanta Web Design

Whether you are a small non-profit organization or a multi-million dollar manufacturer, Bright Tribe’s extensive experience in online marketing, user engagement and conversion-focused web design will help meet your business and marketing goals.With a tribe of professional copywriters, designers, developers and search / social media experts – Bright Tribe has the expertise and experience to position you as a dominate industry leader in your market online. Our Atlanta web design services enable our clients to effectively compete online against their top competitors to grow their revenue, increase brand awareness, shorten the sales cycle and effectively engage a community of customers on social media platforms. We do this with a smart combination of:

Our Web Design Process

We have developed a proven process to that enables us to deliver high quality, effective websites in a timely matter.


Gather Requirements

Based on our initial conversations, Bright Tribe will learn about your goals and create a fixed price proposal to meet them. This proposal outlines all expectations, responsibilities and assumptions for both parties.

Kick-Off & Assets

During this phase we will work with you to finalize the website navigation, project details, design direction and develop a timeline. We will also collect all photos, documents, logos and other assets required for the website.

SEO Research

During this phase we identify relevant search terms through our extensive keyword research and develop an SEO plan to optimize the website content.

Content Audit and Writing

Bright Tribe will work with you to evaluate your website content and put it in 4 categories: Good to Go, Needs Editing, Delete it or Needs to be Written, and we will assign actions to each page as well as identify source material (brochures, websites, people) to use in order to finalize the content. Bright Tribe often provides website content writing for an additional fee.

Design & Prototyping

One of the unique aspects of our process is our live prototyping. The first thing a client sees is not a flat mockup or black and white wireframe but rather a live, working prototype of their website utilizing real imagery and content as much as possible. We design in live production environment so what a client see is a working, scalable, responsive prototype first.

Build-out & Development

After homepage and internal page prototypes have been approved, Bright Tribe will build out the rest of the pages of the website and do any code necessary for custom areas of the website based on the requirements defined in our requirements gathering.

Testing & Approval

During this phase we will test all of the functionality of the website and ensure that it functions perfectly and looks beautiful on all devices.

Deploy & Training

When you are completely satisfied with your website, we’ll make it live. Because we build your website in a live production environment, this is a quick and simple process. After the site launch, we will schedule a live training session with you to walk you through how to manage and make updates to your website.

Support & Maintenance

Don’t worry, we don’t build sites and forget about them. We’re here for you for continual training or to perform any ongoing maintenance you need.

More than Just Website Design

At Bright Tribe we deep experience in building websites that convert your website traffic into customers.

We build websites with a strong combination of design that engages the user, and content that clearly communicates your message. And we support this design effective keyword research and search engine optimization that helps to increase your visibility in search results. With our analytics reporting we offer insights into your website’s traffic and marketing effectiveness, to help strengthen your marketing initiatives.

We provide custom Atlanta website design, integrating innovative web development solutions and increasing brand awareness through a broad approach to website search engine optimization. We may be able to offer solutions you never even thought of. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

WordPress Web Design

At Bright Tribe we are experts at creating customized WordPress websites to meet any budget. From highly customized corporate sites, to custom WordPress eCommerce websites to small business websites and personal blogs, WordPress is one of the most flexible, robust and customizable solutions available today.

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Atlanta Web Design FAQ’s

What makes Bright Tribe different?

The answer is simple: Experience matters. Results matter. Budgets matter. We have well over 20 years of experience in web design and have built hundreds of websites over the years. There are very few things we’ve not seen. And we focus on results. Our goal isn’t just a pretty website: we build functional, intuitive sites that exceed our clients’ goals. Finally, we’re affordable. We provide great work at fair prices. To learn more, check out what makes Bright Tribe different.

How much does a typical website cost?

How much does it cost to build a house? That’s a tough question, right? It all depends. You can roll it in on the back of truck or hire a world-renowned architect to draw up plans from scratch and use high-end finishes. The same is true for the cost of website design. In order to get you a price, give us a call and have a short conversation. We will review your project and specific needs and give you a fixed price proposal that is easy to understand with no hidden fees.

How long does it take to build a website?

Like the question about cost, it all depends. But most of our websites can be completed within 4-8 weeks, depending on the size. Often it is the client, and not our development team, that extends the process of building a website. Factors that we take into account when finalizing a development schedule include our own workload, the size and scope of the website, the functional requirements that may require custom coding, if the site requires content writing which can take longer, SEO research and optimization, scheduling photoshoots, and finally getting feedback or assets from the client.

Do you provide web hosting services?

We are not a hosting company. However, we have a relationship with world-class hosting providers that we can recommend. We do this to ensure the reliability, security and performance of our websites, and the hosting account, billing, etc. is all in the client’s name. You are in control.

Why do you use WordPress?

Did you know that 35% of all websites are built on WordPress, and a whopping 63% of all sites that use a content management system (CMS) are built on the WordPress platform. It’s the industry leading platform for web design. Here are 5 reasons why we use WordPress.

Do you do build custom WordPress sites or use a theme?

First, it’s important to understand that every WordPress site in the world is uses a “theme.” The difference is that some themes are custom built for every project, others are free from the WordPress, many web design agencies have built their own internal theme framework that use for clients, and sometimes it makes sense to buy a professional, pre-built theme to use as the foundation of a website.

There are pros and cons to each of these scenarios. Many pre-built themes are bloated with features that clients never use that can slow down performance because of poor coding. And some companies claim to do “custom web design,” when in reality that simply add your logo and colors to a pre-built theme. This is dishonest. We don’t do that.

In the beginning, Bright Tribe did everything custom. Our projects took longer and were much more expensive. Today, however, we focus on designing beautiful, functional, intuitive and affordable corporate identity websites, and we do this through highly developed theme customization. We do not build custom WordPress websites, but we do deliver a “custom design.” We begin with a theme framework that is the foundation of the website, but with years of experience in both WordPress and utilizing this framework, we are able to completely customize it to meet our clients’ needs without the time or inflated cost of custom design. Here are 4 reasons why we don’t do custom WordPress sites.

Agency or Freelancer? Which is better?

Certainly, there are circumstances where hiring a freelancer is the best option for a business. If you know exactly what you want and have very little budget, are able to manage the project yourself, can provide all the assets and content, and are comfortable with directing your online marketing, then you can hire a freelancer to simply build what you want.

However, a professional web design agency like Bright Tribe provides expert advice and project management at every step of the process. We have team of high skilled designers, content writers, SEO experts and developers who come together to deliver to build, deploy, monitor and support your website. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.

Atlanta, Georgia

Bright Tribe is thrilled to work in Atlanta. Atlanta has a business friendly environment, a skilled talent pool (over 9 million people!) with over 50 colleges and universities, a strong foundation in technology and is the cultural, economic and travel hub of the Southeast. Atlanta is also home to 26 Fortune 1000 companies and ranks third in the nation for fastest growing cities in the US. Because of this, Atlanta is one of the best places to start and grow a company.

And Atlanta is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. From sports to the arts to the outdoors, Atlanta is a destination for travel and adventure. Atlanta is the home to the Coca-Cola Museum, the Georgia Aquarium, the historic Fox Theater, Stone Mountain, and so much more.

For over 14 years Bright Tribe has provided web design services to companies in Atlanta, helping them reach their business goals. We build websites that convert traffic into customers and support your business with a strategic digital marketing plan that includes SEO, video marketing and review / reputation management. If you’re ready to partner with a web design company that knows Atlanta, give us a call or drop us a note today!