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It happens all the time – folks will call and tell me they found Bright Tribe looking for a WordPress developer.

Whenever I hear that I chuckle because I’m the furthest thing from a “developer.” Typically, the word developer implies programmer – someone who gets their hands dirty in the code and talks native geek. In my mind, I always picture a small room of guys with their Beats on, staring blankly into a computer monitor all day and playing Halo on the network during breaks. I’m NOT a WordPress developer.

Rather, I’m a designer. That’s one of the beauties of WordPress. Back in the day it was important to have a whole room full of developers writing custom code and programming things to make them work. For the most part, with the kinds of clients I work with anyway, those days are long gone. Sure, on occasion, I work with developers on specific projects to get something technical done, but that’s not the norm.

So What’s the Difference between a Developer and Designer?

At Bright Tribe, we focus like a laser beam on “developing” beautiful, mobile-responsive, highly intuitive, corporate identity WordPress websites with a strong foundation in search engine and social media marketing. Designers have a focus on the the visual strategy, the usability and message of the website. Designers tend to be concerned with what user think, feel and do on the website – rather than the functionality under the hood. That’s what we do – and we’re really good at it. Developers on the other hand, tend to be more concerned about how it work from a code perspective – not how usable it is. So, if you’re looking for someone to write some custom functionality to tie into your inventory management system or you need to develop a custom plugin for your site, etc…we’re not the right fit.

But if you need to redesign your outdated WordPress website and make it look fantastic on both the computer and mobile devices – if you want to increase your brand awareness and online leads/sales, give us a call today at 678-267-3267.