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Today I had to follow up with a client who is writing his own SEO content and asked for a few tips.

Here’s the process I use when writing SEO pages:

  1. Identify the top 10-20 keywords you want to target.
  2. Brainstorm topics or page titles for each keyword (write them with the keyword as close to front as possible)
  3. Write pages 700-1000 words long, using a combination of related keywords and word order.
  4. Be sure to include H1 (page title on top) and H2 (sub-headers) every 2-3 paragraphs (use keywords in sub-headers).
  5. Make the content natural, not stiff or forced on “exact matches” every time you use a keyword phrase.
  6. Add links to other pages of your website within your body text. When you can, link keywords to other pages.
  7. Use bold / italics sparingly to emphasize keywords.

Using Keywords: There is NO Magic Number

There is no “magic number” of the times that keywords should be used in the text. The days of “keyword density” are long gone. Today, Google is looking for genuine, useful content that has a semantic range of terms in the body, not a bunch of repeated keywords throughout the copy that reads like spam and sounds artificial. With this said, however, each page should have a particular “focus” or set of 1-2 keywords (in various combinations and word orders) that you want to target.

Hope this helps!