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Your Website, Your Visitors’ Journey

When you’re running a small business, your website is often the first handshake with a customer. It’s where your brand story unfolds. But remember, not everyone likes to read a novel online. Most of your visitors are scanning through, looking for something that jumps out at them. It’s your job to make their journey easy and enjoyable.

That Time a Creative Label Went Wrong

Let me tell you a story. A while back, I worked with a client who wanted to rename their “Blog” section to “360 Zone.” Sounds cool, right? But imagine being a new visitor looking for insightful articles, and all you find is this cryptic label. It’s like going to a coffee shop and not finding the word ‘coffee’ anywhere! Keep it simple and straightforward.

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Sub-Headers: Conversation Starters for Your Website Visitors

Spark Interest, Keep Them Reading

Sub-headers are your best friends. They’re like those interesting tidbits you drop in a conversation to keep things lively. They help break down your content, making it less intimidating and more engaging for your readers.

Good for Google, Great for Readers

And hey, Google loves a well-organized page. Using sub-headers smartly can give your SEO a nice little boost. But more importantly, they guide your reader through your content, making sure they don’t miss the good stuff.

Writing for the Web

Web writing is an art. Think of yourself as a tour guide. You want to point out the highlights without overwhelming your visitors. Use sub-headers, bullet points, and bold text to create those ‘aha’ moments. It’s like setting up signposts on a trail.

Creativity Meets Clarity

Being creative is great, but not at the cost of clarity. Your website’s goal is to communicate, not confuse. It’s like telling a joke – it’s only good if everyone gets it.

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Practical Nuggets for Your Site

  • Keep It Consistent: Your website’s labels and buttons should be like familiar landmarks, easy to recognize and understand. This isn’t the place for riddles or puzzles.
  • The 2-3 Paragraph Rule: Here’s a handy tip: Try not to go beyond 2-3 paragraphs without throwing in a sub-header. It’s like giving your reader a moment to breathe and reflect.
  • Talk to Your Audience: Periodically check in with your audience. What makes sense to you might be a maze for them. Their feedback is gold.

Wrapping It Up: Your Website, Your Story

In the end, your website is your storybook. Each page, each section, is a chapter in your business’s journey. Keep it clear, keep it engaging, and most importantly, keep it true to you and your audience. And if you ever feel stuck, remember, we at Bright Tribe are here to help weave your digital story.