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If you thought WordPress was just for blogs, think again.

This powerful platform moves far beyond basic blogging and into real world business website design. WordPress has become the open source CMS of choice for many developers. And it’s supported by one of the world’s largest development communities. For most small to mid size businesses, there’s no need to pay developers for “custom programming.”

1. WordPress is Great for SEO

The streamlined HTML code that runs WordPress is SEO-friendly, which makes it easy to crawl and index. And with a host of free SEO plugins, making sure every page and post of your website has the correct META data and coding is as easy as point and click. At Bright Tribe, we use the Yoast SEO plugin for many of our sites.

2. WordPress is Scalable

If your business grows, so can your website. The easy admin area lets you quickly add new posts and pages without having to worry about site navigation updates. No longer do you have to pay a web developer to make minor updates to your website or add new sections. WordPress puts you in the driver’s seat with an intuitive, user-friendly Dashboard. There’s no limit to the number of pages, images or files WordPress can manage.

3. WordPress is Secure

Although no website is absolutely “hacker proof,” with the right team of designers behind you, you can create a site that stands up to today’s cyber security threats with the latest updates and security protocols.

4. WordPress Can Be Enhanced

With over 30,000 plug-ins available you can enhance your website in almost any way imaginable. Whether it’s social networking, contact forms, or eCommerce, the sky is the limit for your WordPress website. In the past, if you wanted special functionality on your website it would takes weeks of development and possibly thousands of dollars. Today, however, the vast majority of functionality for your website is only a click away. And if your site does require a “premium plugin” (paid), the cost is incredibly affordable – ranging from $10-50, typically. This means you can get a lot of features and functionality without paying for custom programming – that’s a bigger bang for you buck!

5. WordPress Encourages Interaction

Forget about sign-up sheets. With WordPress you can engage with your customers on a personal level through interactive discussions on your blog posts. And even comments submitted anonymously can improve your SEO! And interaction doesn’t just stop with comments. New posts can be automatically shared on your social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. You can automatically display latest tweets, encourage your visits to follow you on Facebook, etc.

6. WordPress Offers Analytics

Want to track your visitors and see where they are most engaged? WordPress can do that for you with a quick Google Analytics plugin. Gone are the days of adding code to “every single page” of your site. Instead, users can typically drop in their Google tracking ID and that’s it.

7. WordPress Goes Mobile

With its ability to generate a mobile version of any website, WordPress is great for automatically optimizing your site for viewing on tablets and smartphones. No more zooming and scrolling. Although not every WordPress theme is mobile-responsive, every site that Bright Tribe builds – whether we’re customizing an exiting theme or creative a completely custom WordPress website – we ensure it renders correctly across all types of devices for best all-around user experience.

8. WordPress is Customizable

Want to modernize your site without losing content and having to migrate everything to a new platform? Change up your WordPress theme and you can change the entire look and feel in no time. This is by far one of the best benefits of using WordPress. When your site is ready for an redesign, all of your content, URLs and links can stay the same. The design or “presentation layer” lays on top of the content in the WordPress database. So you can completely redesign the look and feel of your website without loosing any of your placement in Google or having to copy / paste your content to a new site. This saves you time and money!

9. WordPress is an Open Source Industry Standard

If you’ve ever built a website using a proprietary CMS you know the pain of updates and trying to migrate your website to a new hosting account or developer. It’s nearly impossible. That’s not the case with WordPress. WordPress is the open source industry standard for professional web design. If you ever need to change designers or development companies, your site can be managed and by WordPress developers around the globe. No need to start from scratch.

10. WordPress Stays Current

Unlike those proprietary CMS platforms, WordPress is constantly releasing new updates. These updates provide new features and security patches. And any new update notifications are automatically pushed out to WordPress users, meaning you get instant notification to new functionality – for free! And depending on your hosting account, these updates can also be automatically applied to your website ensuring you always have the latest and greatest features.